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The STK brand can be described in a few simple but powerful words:
We are many working as one, focused, global, industry experts offering stability, reliability, scalability and agility.

The STK products and solutions support the rapidly changing data management needs across your healthcare organization. Our informatics management solutions can integrate with your current systems, while also identifying opportunities to improve processes so you can bring high quality and safe products to your professionals and patients alike faster.

Proud as we are of our past and present achievements, what really excites us, however, is the future.



Whether your organization has one site or multiple sites, it’s vital that you gather, see, manage, and analyze all the data available to make key decisions. STK health solutions offer a balance between flexibility, functionality, and usability for data management.
Features can be configured to meet a specific site’s needs, while seamlessly integrating with your organization's functionally reach hub and other internal systems onto one single platform.
The immediate result is a working solution that can be implemented rapidly and cost-effectively, one which can delivers best practices, helps collaboration with industry partners, increase productivity, and delivers valuable insights for critical-decision making.

Our competitive advantage: Business agility without compromise.



For more than 25 years, we have adapted to an increasingly complex Informatics environment by keeping our focus where it belongs —on helping customers achieve their best possible work environment, in all stages of needs, around the world.

And that’s a goal we'll continue to pursue far into the future.

history-1990 history-1990 history-1990 history-1990

1990 - 1993

A Vision to follow the future

It all starts with a vision on the enormous advantage that digital technology can provide to the health profession.

In health sciences efficiency is paramount for saving lives and access to accurate information is critical on day to day decisions.

The objective of the initial steps was to research new ways to apply technology into medicine, medical laboratory and data management.

history-1993 history-1993 history-1993 history-1993


The founding year and first steps

In 1993 was decided to start a commercial venture, moving from a secure medicaL professional environment to a commercial one. Born as a family business.

Everything was new, but a signal was there. Few people understand at the time what is required and what the new future is going to looks like. Between 1993 and 1995, STK developed into a software company when new fields of business were joining the fold.

Of primary importance for STK's continuing development was the establishment of a research capability on 1996.

history-2000 history-2000 history-2000 history-2000


A Time of Crisis

Everything gone wrong. The economic upheavals pushed STK to shrink and re-born.

The effects of the economic disruptions were devastating for us. The company lost most of its assets and the potential markets that were opening.
Sales in this period amounted to only one third of the previous years figure and inflation exhausted STK's financial reserves.

STK could managed to keep in business thanks to the collaboration between management and the few remaining employees.

history-2005 history-2005 history-2005 history-2005


Understanding the challenges

Reshaping the future only can happen by understanding of what is required for the future working on applied technology projects.

Knowledge is the key for the new future, as well as managing the continuous flow of information for decision making processes.

This was a time of research and development.

history-2010 history-2010 history-2010 history-2010


Expanding our Limits - Diversification

We explored new areas, new applications and built our applied tools with a single directive; tackling the holistic view of knowledge and its importance,  besides routing applied knowledge to specific industries like health sciences, IT, IoT, research and fintech.

The foundation for the company growth was not only the consolidation of its operations, but also the quality of our research and development. 

Propelled by this success, STK diversifies across the entire spectrum of healthcare applications.

history-2015 history-2015 history-2015 history-2015


Reorganization and transparency

STK begins to tighten its organizational structure and moves towards creating separate business units.

After the organization realignment, STK operates with four core business areas: Health Sciences and Health IT, Fintech, Cloud and Managed Services, and Knowledge Management.

Through its commitment to research and innovation, STK continues to make steady advances in many industry verticals solutions applications.

history-2019 history-2019 history-2019 history-2019


Investing in the future

As a research-driven company committed to innovation,  further development on Cloud applications, data integration, IoT and many other supporting components contributed to the company's expansion. 

Our focus on strategic levers make positive contribution to our customers and partners:

- Developing innovative products and solutions and leverage cutting-edge research to address unmet industries challenges.

- Driving operational performance of our business optimizing resource allocation, alongside our ongoing efficiency and structural measures.

history-2020 history-2020 history-2020 history-2020


Pandemic. A New Today

The pandemic is resetting major work trends. Whether employees are working remotely or going to the office, organizations need to rethink workforce and employee planning, management, and performance.

We are leaving behind accepted ideas and habits and adding a human layer as a key for the "new normal".

What the new today will look like is not inevitable. We have the power to shape it ourselves building a new and better 'normal' based on human operational trends and on what make us prosper and thrive.