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People seldom perceive a problem in any tangible, actionable form until they appreciate that a solution exists —and then they begin to define and understand the problem in terms of the solution. Agile organizations are responsible to have the right knowledge in the right place at the right time.

Agility and Knowledge



A perspective on Knowledge


  • Data are some objective facts about events
    Information is a message intended to change the receiver’s perception of something
    Knowledge is a fluid concept, incorporating experience, values and the context that exists inside an individual’s mind or in the processes and norms of an organization
  • The voice of the customer, whether offered or sought, is a pointed demand for reaction
  • The ceaseless knowledge development makes innovations and improvements possible
  • Being agile means being a master of change, and allows one to seize opportunity as well as initiate innovations
  • Lacking agility on an absolute scale does not doom organizations, it just shows how far they are from where they or their competitors could go, and will go without choice