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Thinking from the future back helps you challenge the conventions of today. What next ?


Supporting our business and ensuring we have high performing technologies at hand, developing new solutions and technologies, and building qualitative data and insights to drive innovations for our healthcare customers and business are our key responsibilities. We can help you to address fundamental business problems such as:

i) Agility and adaptability of business processes and systems: Facilitate designing of agile business processes and flexible systems based on reusable patterns of information. This will help automate the alignment between business processes and information systems, speed development of systems to support new products and distribution channels, and accelerate process and systems integration when businesses integrate either horizontally or vertically, or reinvent themselves in their product markets.
ii) Integration and coordination of information: Coordinate integration of information and processes across supply chains, enterprises, and databases. Accelerate the design of Service-Oriented Architecture.
iii) Reduce the time to market new concepts: Accelerate formulation of functional requirements and process models based on prefabricated reusable patterns
iv) Compress the time to develop prototypes: Develop patterns that can be the basis for early prototypes when iterative prototyping methodologies are used for developing or integrating information systems or business processes.

Ultimately this vision is about change. It means technology for automating change and the best practices for facilitating it -all in support of the innovation and adaptation necessary for corporations to remain competitive in the diverse and tumultuous business universe of today.

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