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Company R&D Structure
Research & Development Structure

STK conducts research to resolve issues with a high level of complexity and assess new technology platforms

  • Research Process

    Research Process

    Discovering and developing novel ways of resolving complexity require a defined process within a technological framework

  • Ethics in R&D

    Ethics in R&D

    STK follows existing principles, regulations and guidelines to ensure the highest ethical standards in our research

Research & Development
R&D Vision and Directions

STK is a highly focus company that enables real-time informatics management regardless time, location or type

  • R&D Domains

    R&D Domains

    With STK expertise in various areas, such as technology and information science, we're achieving information complexity reduction

Innovation Strategy
Our Vision of Innovation

Innovation is an essential requirement to meet public information challenges across the globe. From the start, STK has invested in expertise to differentiate us generating real added value

  • R&D and Innovation

    R&D and Innovation

    Innovation is one of the pillars of STK’s strategy, rooted in our longstanding entrepreneurial tradition