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Current digital age is disruptive. Healthcare organizations need strategic priorities that drive transformation.  STK offers industry leading Professional Services to our customers to provide comprehensive solutions to business needs.  These offerings are both varied and dynamic in their formats, aiming to ensure that STK informatics solutions can be configured, developed and maintained to the highest possible standards, helping health science organizations staying agile and data-driven.
We understand and put the customer at the center of every decision as a key prerequisite for succeeding in our digital age.

STK Integrated Platform

UBP - Universal Business Platform


Our business-focused approach that brings together the ability to extend and integrate existing on premise and cloud applications –without disrupting core business processes, and the capacity to deliver cloud-native applications essential to power agile innovation in healthcare organizations.  STK's UBP runs efficiently, remains compliant, and supports multiple deployment scenarios and seamless interoperability whether the underlying infrastructure is on-premise, a private cloud, hybrid, or a multi-cloud setup.
STK remains focused on helping every customer achieve success in today’s digital economy, empowering organizations to adapt to change.

Solutions Initiatives
Technology Portfolio
Services and Support

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eHealth Advisory Services

Healthcare industry have complex needs that are undergoing rapid change. STK leading expertise can help you envision a bold future  by aligning solutions with your business needs and deliver outcomes that scale across your organization.

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eHealth Professional Services

By understanding the unique and challenging aspects of IT in the Healthcare space, STK can help navigate a business-driven path for the digital adoption journey through best practices, open architecture, and reusable and repeatable engineering services.  

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eHealth Support Services

STK end-to-end support services help you align the right services to support your objectives, driving ROI by designing, deploying and adopting our solutions faster and with lower risk.

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eHealth Informatics

STK solutions can help you adapt to changes and seize opportunities to improve patient care and operational performance to succeed in your healthcare organization.