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eHealth Support Services

Our support engineers have a wealth of experience with STK products and solutions, and a deep understanding of related information. We can help you set the foundation for your success through end-to-end focused services and innovative support solutions for a simplified, integrated, and accelerated approach to transformation.

What to Expect

Receive guidance from support experts by interacting with them through our support services getting help through mission-critical situations while empowering your staff members to overcome complexity.

Innovation & Expertise

We help you to adopt a comprehensive approach to innovation for your health business by delivering and scaling productive solutions that produce results, creating value early in an agile path.

Integration & Alignment

Ensure integration with tailored solutions extending current capabilities to more advanced systems aligned with your health organization roadmap, while  opening opportunities for digital transformation based on industry trends specific to your line of business.

Consolidate, simplify and reuse

Health organizations require improved and harmonized master data consolidation across sources and domains. Reduce storage costs and migration complexity by minimizing data and system footprint while reuse knowledge and analyze live data on a single platform.

Services Offerings

In addition to our standard solution warranty coverage, STK offers support plans designed to meet your organization needs giving you the peace of mind that your informatic solution will always perform to the highest level. Discover your ideal customizable Support Service Package from our range.

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STK Enterprise Support

Adopt STK expertise, services, and support that can help your health organization accelerate value creation. Our professionals have deep understanding on STK solutions portfolio and the STK product roadmap enabling a seamless, end-to-end support experience across all deployment scenarios.

Our Mission-critical support


Our end-to-end approach to innovation results in smart solutions that tie together your system of record with your innovation goals. Take advantage of new technologies, integrate with your core processes, deploy in the cloud, on premise, or in hybrid environments and achieve  faster innovation delivering value quickly with industry-differentiating solutions.

Our Innovation Services and Solutions
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Create value moving on-premise solutions to the Cloud

With STK Cloud services, you can follow best practices to safely and securely move existing on-premise assets to the cloud, reducing the effort for migrate integration scenarios and benefit from lower operational costs, flexible configuration options, and regular platform updates.

Our Cloud Supports Services

Defining your Integration Strategy

A solid integration strategy is crucial for providing what agility organizations require to meet the rapidly changing business needs and at the same time optimizing operations at a lower cost. For this to happen, a variety of pervasive integration requirements shall be taken into consideration. STK will help your health organization to create the required foundation of integrated business processes and data.

Our Integration Solution Advisory Program

Managing Risks and Business Continuity

In today's security-conscious healthcare enterprise environments, the systems used ultimately define the organization compliance posture. STK's deep understanding of systems compliance combined with our extensive implementation experience allows us to architect solutions allowing our customers to manage security and compliance requirements and provide a platform for ongoing business requirements.

Our Cybersecurity & Compliance Audit Service
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Be prepared for disaster

Information security, integrity and availability are top priorities for your health organization.  STK helps structuring your organization's best practices to meet your security, and availability goals –both on premise and in the cloud,  ensuring that you can stay focused on running your business and managing your processes effectively using our solutions in a safe environment.

Our Redundancy & Disaster Recovery UBP Layer

Unified Support Experience

STK support strategy drives an innovative and consistent support experience across products and customers to help you get assistance anytime, anywhere from any device, from within or outside a STK application, and across all deployment scenarios.

STK Innovative Customer Support Strategy