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eHealth Professional Services

We are a total solutions partner for your entire eHealth Knowledge Management lifecycle. No matter your size, our Professional Services team will work with you to design and configure an informatics solution to fit your health organization’s unique needs. From implementation to training, you’ll work with industry experts throughout who will help streamline your corporate operations for operational excellence.

What to Expect
Global Support

Our STK Informatics professionals around the world are dedicated to support our customers proactively and preventatively across all deployment options using new technologies to help achieving your business goals faster.

Data in motion for real-time business

Data capture and analysis need to happen in real time. Health organizations' systems shall be built on real-time, context-relevant information for combining data and analytics with transactional processes in real-time interactions.

Complete Compliance

Safeguard sensitive information and business processes while being compliant with regulations and industry mandates.

Industry Knowledge

Our team members have many years of prior experience and operational expertise in various domains, helping your health organization meet distinct, industry-specific standards and software regulations.

Services Offerings

We support your health organizaton on your path to innovation and digital transformation with end-to-end services that reflect over 25+ years of knowledge, experience and innovation. Our Health Professional Services teams will act as a true extension of your organization to ensure a smooth implementation and long-term success with a STK Informatics solution.

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Discovery & Requirements Definition

We get to know your health business from the inside out. First, we’ll learn about your goals and business needs. A review of your organization workflows and integrations will help us identify areas of improvement. Finally, alongside your IT infrastructure team and other organization stakeholders, we’ll work together to define software requirements and plan for a successful data migration.

Our Strategic Analysis Services


Our consultants provide comprehensive development services around a wide range of technologies to help integrate our solutions into your infrastructure. We work with our client in architecture, key management design, custom development, application review, development advice, ongoing custom development support and much more.

Our Development Services
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System Installation, Configuration, & Quality Assurance

Using the project plan as a roadmap, our software engineers configure and implement the solution, collaborating closely with your team throughout the process. Our development goes through comprehensive quality assurance testing to ensure that your solution meets the highest standards. Transparency and effective communication is key during this time, so we’ll constantly share the project’s progress, preview features, and make adjustments as needed. Hands-on training will ensure that your team fully understands how to operate and maintain the system for future enhancements.

Our Implementation Services

Validation & Deployment

Once the solution is installed and tested, we will assist you through validation processes for industry standards or regulatory bodies before deployment. We will be on-site at your facility during deployment to ensure that the rollout of your solution happens smoothly and efficiently.

Our Deployment Services
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Modernize your IT Infrastructure in the Cloud

Health organizations need to survive and thrive in a new business reality. They need to deliver successful business outcomes in a rapid , agile and efficient way. STK Cloud Platform offers scalability, cost savings and the ability to accelerate innovation.  Our robust, scalable, mission-critical cloud-based solutions help organizations stay ahead of increasing demands, unprecedented levels of disruption, and new regulations.

Our Cloud Business Platform


Backed by flexible deployment options and extensive cloud expertise, STK can speed your transformation and help you derive the full benefit of the cloud. Choose the ideal deployment for your organization; from a licensed model where you run license STK software in the public cloud, with the public cloud provider of your choice, to an Hybrid model, combining deployments to build the ideal platform for your unique needs.

Cloud Flexible Deployments

Adapting to the pace of change

STK Cloud Platform is the integrated ecosystem solution that helps your health organization to draw maximum value from all your systems, extending the reach of your IT landscape, and gain the agility to manage the challenges of change with new flexibility. We help you keeping your solutions updated, upgraded, patched, and current.

Our Cloud Platform services

Training & Support

After your solution has deployed, we’ll still be there to help answer your day-to-day questions, provide ongoing technical support, and plan for your future needs. We offer multiple online training sessions in addition to webinars and consulting material. Our comprehensive training offerings will ensure that your team is armed with the skills needed to get the most out of your specific Informatic solution.

Our Customer Services

Turn Chaos in Data Value

With today's speed and accelerated data growth, managing your health organization’s enterprise information is becoming a complex task,  and the organization has to contend with vast data volumes; a mix of multiple data sources and types, and hybrid environments.  Your health organization needs to deal with a combination of data from various on-premise data sources, as well as various cloud data sources such as cloud-based apps, databases, or storage, including external data streams to incorporate into your daily business processes. Our data solutions helps you maximize data value by connecting and gaining insights from all data assets in order to support business decision-making.

Our Universal Business Platform

Secure Performance & Reliability

Digital transformation is all about maximizing newer digital technologies through the transformation of business and its underlying supporting capabilities. For this to happen health organizations need to be agile enough and have the right capabilities to innovate and recover from failure quickly. In other words, it is vital that your health organization meets the challenges of digital transformation using DevOps.

Our Services for Infrastructure and DevOps