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eHealth Informatics

Our unique combination of domain expertise and technology experience on all aspects of Health Science provide us deep understanding of missions, goals, and operational information to discover and implement innovative approaches for better use and disseminate research efforts and data, enhancing knowledge sharing and improving public health.

What to Expect
Extend and Integrate

You can extend your business processes confidently by decoupling custom implementations from your physical infrastructure moving them to the cloud,  and while supporting workflows, orchestration, monitoring, and business rules engine, create a unified platform for integration.

Capture and Analyze data

Health organizations need an enterprise-ready data that provide trusted insights from all data at the speed of the organization. STK Data Services in the cloud is an end-to-end data management and decision-making solution designed for enterprises that combines powerful data management capabilities with the broadest advanced analytics. 

Connect assets, people and processes

Adopt STK Data Hub Cloud to eliminate silos and integrate applications and data sources to streamline processes, improve operational efficiency, and achieve cost-effective agility, bringing data models and connections together in one secured and governed place without manual processes or data duplication.

Driving cost-effective transformation

We understand your health business is unique. STK can help your organization drive sustainable growth through specialized solutions that address specific industry needs.  Building on an open platform as a service using STK Cloud Platform, these solutions work with your existing systems to extend the value of your investments.

Services Offerings

STK Data Services and Cloud Platform technologies dynamically orchestrate the growing volume of data and business processes across a healthcare organization.  Our digital platform is the foundation that provides the required services, content and context which are key to turn data into meaningful business outcomes.

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Data Orchestration

Harmonize and coordinate your data for greater speed and agility. Data management solutions are a core part of STK Universal Business Platform, enabling data-driven decisions with solutions that manage, govern, process, and integrate distributed data assets across your healthcare enterprise.

Our Enterprise-wide Data Management


STK offers a modern, unified data and analytics solution that provides the data warehouse as a service (DWaaS) layer for our UBP, enabling your organization to unite STK and non-STK data to deliver real-time insights. A flexible and scalable solution packed with extensive data management capabilities.

STK Data Hub Cloud

Divide and conquer complexity

STK research MPP platform extension is our parallelized and configurable layer that makes use of multiple processors, and is able to be interconnected by a network to form a parallel-processing cluster. It is possible to yield supercomputer performance for most MPP applications that process problems that can be broken down into many separate, independent operations on vast quantities of data.
Typical examples are in data mining, where is a need to perform multiple searches of a static database and in artificial intelligence, for a need to analyze multiple alternatives.
Most often MPP systems are structured as clusters of processors, whereas within each cluster the processors interact as in an SMP system.

Habilis, our MPP Platform Extension

Simplify access to actionable analytics

In today's digital economy, business is data driven, in other words data is opportunity.  Success depends on having the right information at the right time, and acting on that insight quickly and effectively.
In the evolving healthcare industry, new applications and devices are emerging every day to support better outcomes. Healthcare organizations need managing and securing this vast amounts of complex data, while adhering to strict regulations, innovating for more efficiency, sharing, analyzing, and improving knowledge.
STK gives you the tools you need to make analytics available to all, so stakeholders within your organization can make better, faster decisions based on facts.

Our Analytics Cloud Solution

Real-time Data Streaming for Business Insights

STK uses edge computing and real-time data streaming to enable continuous insights and actions. As the edge services layer of our Universal Business Platform, it offers domain specific insights and monitors real-time events while defining sophisticated business logic rules and relevant actions.

Our Edge Services

Simplifying Integration & Transformation

As a general rule, a single integration technology is not enough to support the variety of integration requirements. A healthcare enterprise needs to design its hybrid integration platform by leveraging a combination of integration styles to cover current and future integration needs.
By taking advantage of proven best practices, your healthcare organization can reduce implementation time, effort, and cost while delivering a high-quality integration at a high scale.

STK Universal Business Platform

Global Data Access

Healthcare organizations have to respond faster to changing needs. Competitive landscapes, and disruptive technologies force you to establish an enterprise information management framework allowing to get the right data to the right people at the right time.
The problem is that effective information management begins well before your solution deployment; organizations need to design, plan, and execute a data strategy for success.

STK Universal Knowledge Framework
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Data Profiling & Security

STK's information governance layer for our UBP supports data profiling and monitoring and information policy management. Helping governance processes that defines data ownership in accordance to business needs, roles, and policies,  improving transparency into data origin and lineage.

Our Metadata Management Solution

Turn Data into Business Value

STK data management solutions provide the ability to handle the growing amounts of data stored in multiple locations with control access for your entire healthcare organization.
The first task is to translate that data to insights. The second is to turn those insights into business value. In both cases you need to improve data visibility, creating a unified metadata catalog and centralized user interface for better data visibility and privacy throughout your healthcare organization.

Our Virtual Normalizer Service