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eHealth Advisory Services

An IT infrastructure works best handling systems and data when it is designed into a solution from the start. Our consultants have years of experience in requirements gathering, architecture design & validation, advice security and access management best practices, integration and knowledge transfer.

What to Expect
Company Experience

Access to the right expertise at the right time is key to determine the appropriate level of involvement and scope to meet the unique business needs for your healthcare organization. STK gives you a flexible choice in receiving the support and guidance you need.

Business-driven Solutions

Adding new systems don’t necessary help the organization but instead add to complexity with new disparate interfaces, lack of collaborative processes, and information overload. STK helps your healthcare organization boost productivity with fast, business-driven setup and consistent standards, making sure you enhance your business with advanced capabilities when and where you need them.

Data Consistence Across the Organization

Adopt a centralized trusted view of your healthcare data and information flows across all domains with a single solution for data governance. Ensure rightsizing your data and system landscape simplification eliminating unnecessary time, cost, and resources for maintaining redundant systems.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

The pressure to solve business challenges at lower cost and remain competitive and deliver is relentless. Uncover how to architect relevant digital strategies and your full potential with STK advisory services.

Keep your solution at it optimum
Solution Health check

We propose a health check of your STK solution where our team analyzes your environment, creates a report describing the state of your solution and estimation of the effort required to optimize the configuration, providing your teams with the knowledge to keep these solutions maintained.

Solution Audit

We can work with your team to audit your processes enforcing the solution for a compliance audit, as well as review existing environments for evolving requirements and technology. We can assist also with the overall project management working with stakeholders as a project plan is developed.

Staff Support

We propose direct staff support services when customers need an eHealth Professional Services consultant on site for a period of time.

Ad-hoc Consulting

In addition to above services, we can propose ad-hoc consulting missions.

Services Offerings
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Drive Transformation & Roadmap Design

Through innovation and advisory services you can discover new ways to innovate focusing on economic and social impacts with our services providing insights on how to define a road map and identify business cases to guide your phased journey to business transformation.

Our eHealth Advisory Services


Your healthcare organization operates in a world that is increasingly digitalized and networked. The pace of integration is accelerating along digital transformation  projects as organizations add new technologies.  It is critical for enterprises to have flexibility and speed in the implementation of business solutions.

Our Agile Transformation Strategy
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Building an Enterprise Data Fabric

Build a data fabric in your healthcare organization that connects data silos and increases visibility into global data assets,  allowing central data management automated by on-premise and cloud processing engines that handle complex data types and flows across distributed environments.

Explore Our Hybrid Data Management Solutions

Simplify Data Governance

With STK Data Services integrated to Habilis, you can discover and connect to any data in any location and integrate and orchestrate massive data volumes. The solution enables you to manage your enterprise data in a holistic and unified way, creating sophisticated, flexible, and reusable data pipelines for data integration and metadata management capabilities.

Explore Our Habilis Cloud Platform Extension

Drive agility during rapid change

STK Universal Business Platform provides a rich set of services, APIs, and applications that help you integrate and extend your solutions, optimize business processes, connect your landscape, and create an engaging digital environment to help your healthcare organization achieve business-critical needs with agility.

Our Ecosystem solution that helps your organization

Extending Business Processes

STK managed services enable rapid, scalable, and non-disruptive adoption of innovations, improving core business operations across your healthcare organization. Our best practice managed services for all the STK solutions, for all deployment models, assess and optimize all aspects of data in a heterogeneous data environment while protect reducing risks and vulnerabilities in lifecycle and ensuring compliance.

Our Managed Data & Security Services

Information Lifecycle Governance

Current acceleration on data volume growth is pushing the limits on managing information through its lifecycle, while evolving data protection and privacy regulations require increasing data-compliance capabilities. To balance total cost of ownership, risk, and legal compliance, enterprises need a comprehensive strategy to manage their information entire cycle: creation, usage, storage, and destruction

Our Data Lifecycle Management UBP Layer