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Health Science Services Offerings

Leverage our deep domain expertise with advanced STK technologies that can help transform your Healthcare organization implementing solutions to increase agility and enhancing operational efficiency.

Start your Transformation
Enterprise Digital Transformation and Integration

Our vision for Digital Transformation is to help healthcare providers become highly efficient at saving and improving lives, delivering a seamless  patient experience and ensuring valued care with innovative technology. STK healthcare solutions integrate high available applications and components across multiple business functions, business models, communication channels, and stakeholder ecosystems at enterprise level.

Healthcare IT Strategy Development

The healthcare industry faces a demanding change in every aspect of the business and the provisioning of health care.  This demand motivates to reevaluate processes and structures to meet strategic priorities, transforming legacy and siloed systems into a smart, auto-scalable technology fabrics of distributed computing, digitalizing every aspect of the healthcare value chain providing the best value to their patients at an affordable cost.

Cloud Adoption and Infrastructure Optimization

STK is offering competent services to deal effectively with the resolution of next-generation API-enabled healthcare platform services. These services help reduce infrastructure costs, increase overall revenue, and improve performance. 
We help adopting an effective management of hybrid landscapes for emerging scenarios. STK UBP enables a seamless, end-to-end support across all deployment scenarios and it is built into every cloud solution.

Gain Insights and Scale Faster

Unlock maximum value from all of your healthcare organization’s data with specific functionality for data integration and gain outcome information from structured and unstructured healthcare sources.
STK data intelligence and data warehousing is a comprehensive data management solution. As the data orchestration layer of STK UBP transforms data  across multiple interaction channels into vital data insights, delivering innovation at scale

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eHealth Advisory Services

Healthcare industry have complex needs that are undergoing rapid change. STK leading expertise can help you envision a bold future  by aligning solutions with your business needs and deliver outcomes that scale across your organization.

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eHealth Professional Services

By understanding the unique and challenging aspects of IT in the Healthcare space, STK can help navigate a business-driven path for the digital adoption journey through best practices, open architecture, and reusable and repeatable engineering services.  

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eHealth Support Services

STK end-to-end support services help you align the right services to support your objectives, driving ROI by designing, deploying and adopting our solutions faster and with lower risk.

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eHealth Informatics

STK solutions can help you adapt to changes and seize opportunities to improve patient care and operational performance to succeed in your healthcare organization.